Yakka Web's Featured Clients

V is for Victory www.VisForVictory.com

VisForVictory.com is a highly custom management system for the deployment of the largest body transformation promotion ever focused in the St. Louis Area.

VisForVictory.com allows users the ability to register, proceed through detailed work flows outlined by the VisForVictory.com and even create their own custom profile website.
College Scouts Online www.CollegeScoutsOnline.com

College Scouts Online is a fully dedicated website service which allows high school athletes the ability to build profiles, stats and photos for viewing by college coaches to receive college athletic scholarships.

The site promotes the growth of a high school athlete's sports career by bring them in front of college coahces who have college athletic scholarships to offer.

Mail Hollywood www.MailHollywood.com

Mail Hollywood is a user-driven celebrity fanmail site. The site design and all features of the site were developed by Yakka.

Features: forum, chat system, image storage and minipulation, member sections, credit card payment integration withVerisign, payment integration with Paypal, and much more. Site currently supports over 13,000 members.

Vatterott Properties www.VatterottProperties.net

Vatterott Properties has been the property management arm of C.F. Vatterott Home Builders for over 40 years.

A full-featured maintenance tracking program was developed and is used by both tenants and staff to track jobs logged and finished.

CoAbode www.CoAbode.com

Co-abode offers a unique "matchmaking" service to provide single moms with one or more children the opportunity to share housing, while pooling resources and finances with another single mom of their choosing.

Big Chap Ministries www.BigChap.org

Big Chap Ministries focused on reaching the current generation with the powerful gospel message of Jesus Christ. Using inspiration as well as humor Jim provides a message and style like none other.

Vacations and Locations www.VacationsAndLocations.com

Vacations and Locations is a site dedicated to helping travelers learn more information about their future destinations. Vacations and Locations also uses integrated programming to connect to travel companies around the internet to help perspective travelers find the best deals on their desired destinations.