Custom Sales Funnels

Yakka Web Solutions understands and expects that not all companies are looking for a brochure website. Many companies want and need more; something that helps drive customers and increase sales. Yakka Web Solutions also understands that many companies are not looking for a store front or an eCommerce based website. If your company is looking for more than a brochure website but does not desire, or due to your business, can not make use of an eCommerce site then Yakka Web has the solution for you.

Our Custom Sales Funnels help you build a website dedicated to not only giving more information to clients about your company but also help you convert contacts into customers. From the development of a funneled sales channel to tracking, reporting and conversion tracking our Custom Sales Funnels have the answers you need to the questions of lead generation, customer conversation and revenue generation.

High Level Layout of a Custom Sales Funnel

The concept behind a Custom Sales Funnel is that the user experience can be broken into three main phases. Each phase is then created with the goal of moving the customer towards being converted as a lead and also determining as much information about the customer as possible. In addition, the customer will move through each stage while gaining more exposure to your company and trust in your company's products or services. Finally, because a Custom Sales Funnel is built as a standard website the customer experience should be on that does not leave the customer feeling as though they are being moved through a process.

Phase 1 - Initial Product / Service Selection

The first phase of the Custom Sales Funnel (CSF) begins when the customer first reaches the website. From here they should be presented with information about your company and your services but they should also be directed towards the item or service they need. More times than not, your company will offer various services. The first goal in Phase 1 is to allow the customer to choose a particular service / product. Once this has been chosen they would be immediately transfered to Phase 2.

Unlike standard Custom Website Design (CWD) this portal is developed in such a way as to then allow you and your company to learn a great deal about the user experience. To do this special reporting tools have been created and will be added to your website. These reporting tools will monitor and track how many users arrive on your site, how long they stay on the home page, where they go from your home page, which product or service they chose or even if they chose a product or service at all. Reporting in this manner will allow your company to learn a great deal about how customers are navigating through your site and how they are interacting with your company.

Phase 2 - Choosing Defined Services / Products and Options

While, typically, Phase 1 consist of a one page setup with options for the customer to choose the initial product or service Phase 2 can be, and usually is, many pages of options. The intent of this phase is to allow the customer to define as much as they can exactly what they are in search of. It is also a great opportunity for the business to determine which product and service related options are most important to their customer base. Yakka Web Solutions will work with you to ensure that the site has been created in a manner which allows customers to choose options and specifics about what you offer as they move towards contacting you. In the meantime, our CSF will be working to track and report upon their choices.

Phase 3 - Customer Action Required

Once a customer has choosen all their options and have learned as much about your company as they can from an internet website it is time for them to take action. It is at this point where most companies either realize an increase in revenue from their website or don't. It's that simple. The problem though, for you and most companies, is how do you know why a customer picked up the phone or came by your office. Its hard to tell if the website you have been building is truely making a difference.

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