Custom Website Design

There is no company around that makes the process of getting your own Custom Website as easy as Yakka Web Solutions. Why wait months and pay thousands of dollars with other companies when Yakka Web Solutions can provide you cutting edge design and technology in just days and at a fraction of cost?

Getting Your Website Completed - The Easy Step Process
Are you looking to have your company on the web or your current company's site enhanced immediately. Let us help you meet those goals. By following our quick and easy steps below you'll be up and running, and better than ever, in no time.


1. Give Us a Call or Contact Us Online (Click Here to Begin Step 1)
The first thing we need is to hear from you and learn a bit about what you are looking to have created for your online presence. This can happen in two ways based on your time and desires. First, giving us a quick call will allow us to quickly walk through what you are looking for with you. Our dedicated professions can quickly ask the right questions to put the project in motion.

If calling is for you or it just doesn't fit into your schedule feel free to complete our online request form. By answering just a few quick questions you can be on your way to having your site completed in no time.

(Click Here to Begin Step 1)


2. Review a Personalized Concept Paper and Choose a Design
Once you have told us a bit about your company and the kind of site you are looking for our team will put together a Concept Paper specifically for your company and your companies needs. This paper is our way of making sure we are on the same page with you and that the site you are looking for will be completed the way you want. This is also our chance to show you a few designs based on your completed request form.

After reviewing our Concept Paper all you have to do is let us know that we are on the right path and the design you have chosen. Once you have done that your website development will be underway and all that will be left is the contract.


3. Sign Contract
So by now a few major steps have been completed and your company is almost ready to receive their new web presence. Yakka Web Solutions believes the best way to protect our clients and our business is to ensure that everyone fully understands each step of the process and exactly what is expected. Completing a detailed contract that states every piece of information for the website design and development is the best way to ensure this happens.

After you have reviewed and accepted the Concept Paper with design work the contract will be created and sent to you. All you need to do is review, sign and return but please be sure to review fully; this contract will act as our written pledge to you and your company. That being said, we take this very seriously because we take the needs of our clients extremely seriously. Once the contract has been approved final preparations will be made to your new website.


4. Answer a Few Specific Questions about Your New Site Layout
Once the contract has been reviewed, approved and returned it will be time to put the final touches on your website. Typically, these final pieces are items such as finalizing the names that will be displayed on the navigational links and the inclusion of text into each of the pages. Some times the finishing touches are little more and other times they are a bit less as it really just depends on the client and their individual needs. Whatever the need though we can get it taken care of quickly and affordably.

After these pieces are finished you will have your completed site and based on how you chose to set up your hosting we will either send the site to you via a CD / DVD or we will simply point you to your new web address. It's all up to you and what your company needs.

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